Our Story

1997, seems like forever ago but the seeds of Wear Wolf Apparel were sewn.

From artwork for airbrushed apparel to aiding other brands officially under the Wolf moniker since 2003, the Wolves put in work to bring quality back into a game that sorely needs it. We’ve made friends, we’ve made enemies, still we persevere. We live by some simple codes.



Heart. Hustle. Grind. Never Let A Sucker Hold You Back. & Stay Hungry.

Heart. Hustle. Grind.

The scars are here, baby. There were many bumps and scrapes as we started and put ourselves on hold to do the work others would not, not seeking approval but rather to make ends meet, gathering data, building a reputation, observing tendencies and trends. The things you’ll see are a reflection of notes moods and ideas made into art that you can wear and make your own expressions / interpretations. It will evolve as other artists are collaborated with and we engage you out in the wild. Nobody has great ideas like everyday folks, streetwear isn’t street wear if there is no flavor from the streets. A lot of brands have abandoned you, they’ve gone too Paris and forgotten the days the farthest you got to explore was the new outlet across town, or a road trip to the next tourist spot. Be who you really are, not just who you project yourself to be.

Never Let A Sucker Hold You Back.

The lies we tell. If you are on your grind you’ll have your “haters” but they’re your fans too. Don’t play to them but also don’t act like they aren’t useful. They can be some of the best motivators. For all the wonderful things we’ve been a part of, we’ve had people wish us failure to our faces. Good, see you at the finish line! Don’t be afraid to say it to the guy / girl in the mirror saying what you can’t do.

Stay Hungry.

Embrace the cliche, act like you’ve been there. That’s not to say you can’t ball, just do so with the mindset, let’s make this happen on the regular easy. Keep an eye out for twists, turns and bonuses that make it even more exciting. Don’t settle and don’t be that crab that can’t even point someone in a right direction. You were there once, never forget you could end up back there.

Why The Wolf?

Theres a lot of them, they all got reasons. Ours come multiple places. In folklore the wolf can be good or evil or neutral, usually symbolizing a lesson you should heed. Specifically we take ours from norse lore, the world eater, the gods feared him but did not destroy him, they kept him, fed him, mocked him with the same hand, he bit it off. Eventually he waged war on the ones who mistreated him. We aren’t naming names but those not for us stand against us.


Bottom line

If the attitude suits you, let us suit you. Enjoy.

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