Don’t be a tool.

There are quite a bit of things ongoing in our immediate and greater world these days, it’s getting difficult to keep emotion in check. We tend to forget that things are oten viewed through different culteral lenses in the United States. The things that are taken up as issues are things that mean one thing to a set of people and mean abother to other groups. What tends get lost in this is the opposing views don’t cancel out one another. Just because you do nothing see or have experienced the thing at issue, doesn’t invalidate thier concerns or plights.

When there are things being addressed in the midst of many complexities, it’s good practice to get a perspective. However, you have to understand factors that influence perspective.

1. Get your information from as many varied sources possible. – The worse thing you can do is form an opinion on limited information, development a generalization based on your limted view, then deliver your unsolicited opinion to someone with ground level experience on the issue.

2. Go deep. – Few things in the world are simple when it comes to societal ills. Your simple reactions and solutions that feel like it makes you a savant, may be barely tapping the surface.

3. Get a conversation going. – Thing is, you’ll need to have an open mind, open ears and a closed mouth. Dialogue is an avenue of discovery. It required alertness, that means dedicated senses.

4. If it’s not your problem, it’s ok to understand how it could be another’s problem and either assist or stay out of the way. – Unless you hold considerable power over an issue, nothing you say or do gives you significance. This means while you can develop informed opinions, they won’t do much if you’re couch QBing or out there making noise too. The difference is trying to be a real help or simply a vocal spectator.

5. Think 3 times before you speak. – Give youurself a chance to avoid looking foolish. There are more intelligent people involed in causes than your television would lead you to belive. Going in cold and not knowing who you’re about to soapbox preach to could get you in deep doo doo. Things in your world might be fine and their world may be hell. Don’t ivite hallfire.

I share these things after an incident that happened yesterday when an innocent promotion of an event within an activist rich community was derailed by angry passersby. This has been happening a lot and sure they’ll increase.

My goal is to stick to my nature as an artist and a teacher and make you think. That’s the mission, making it cool to think critically and develop and use empathy. I can’t deal with the abundance of ignorance out here, we’ve got things to do, crowns to snatch from the unworthy.

B.F. Wolfe

© Copyright 2015 by B.F. Wolfe